ABC Leaders

We believe in serving one another in Christs love.  

These are just a few of our leaders that make our community possible!

  • Pastor Ben Poole

    Hello, God has blessed me with ABC for over 8 years now! Our little family of four has grown to a family of eight in our time here.  I would love to connect with you over a cup of coffee and get to know you!


    Greg looks forward to helping parents and guardians establish spiritual strengths in their children. We are currently working on a plan for ages 0-Graduation that creates spiritual milestone markers. Basically, we want to partner with you to raise strong children of God who know who they are in Jesus Christ. 😀 God is at work in our faith community! If you are looking for a church with strong children and youth ministry that focuses on Jesus' call to love and serve then check us out. At ABC you will be known and loved.

  • Emily Poole Worship Leader

    Emily has a music minor from Judson University and enjoys singing and playing the keyboard, guitar, and violin. Usually you will find her leading our modern worship band on Sunday mornings on her Keyboard. 

  • Board Chair: Kim Leeman

  • Office Admin. Tara Leeman

  • Teresa Bailey- Treasurer