We are founded on the belief that there is but one God who is a personal God, who in holy love, creates, sustains, and orders all. Jesus Christ is the son of God and Lord of the church and of all life. The Holy Spirit is at work in the hearts and minds of all believers, creating and sustaining the church through the gospel, giving guidance and comfort and uniting believers with the Lord and with one another.  

All members of the congregation that are the body of believers are responsible for the total ministry of the church.

We believe that the Holy Gospel is, "the Good News", that God was in Jesus Christ reconciling the world unto himself. Through the gospel, God's sovereign will and Christ's redeeming grace are revealed.  

The Church is the body of Christ, under the Lord's mandate to be faithful in accepting and transmitting the gospel by word and deed.   

We accept that the ministry of the church is to be proclamation and fulfillment of the gospel for all people both near and far and for the nurture of the individual believers in the Christian faith and life.  

At ABC we help people accept others, believe in Jesus and care for each other. 

Jesus gives us new hope and new life. Because God loves us we love others!