When you come to ABC you will be greeted warmly and give a bulletin. 

If you arrive a few minutes early we have hot coffee waiting for you.

If you have children we will show you the nursery and introduce you to our amazing babysitters. Our service begins at 10AM with a few announcements and then we have music from our band with drums, guitars, keyboard and singers. You may even hear some banjo. We have a mix of modern music and classic hymns all played by our band.

We then take a collection of money. 

The collection pays for our electric bills and cost of operations including children's and adult classes. 

We also support many different local charities and help people in need. We strive to give 10% away of all our collection.

After the collection the kids come forward for a short lesson and then they head back to ABC Kids where they get safe and fun teaching. Your kids will love their time at ABC.

Our teaching begins after the kids head to their classroom. 

Every Sunday we talk about real life issues that you face.

Then we see what God has to say about it! 

You will leave inspired and have some practical ways you can improve your life!

We close with one more song and a quick prayer. Lots of people hang out and get to know each other after service.

Your going to see people who are like you and dealing with real life just like you.

We Accept people so that they can Believe in Jesus and Care for each other! 

We aren't perfect but we serve a God who is! 

We want you to join us because you belong in the family of God!