You Belong at ABC!

We are a life giving church in Hamilton County, Hamilton Heights school district.    You're not going to feel overwhelmed by a large crowd or large building. You will sense community, love, and acceptance. We believe that we need Jesus and each other. If you are looking for a positive change or you just moved into our community, you need to experience Arcadia Brethren Church.

At ABC we help people

Accept others,

Believe in Jesus, &

Care for each other!

Arcadia Brethren Church is located north of Cicero in Hamilton County Indiana at

8989 East 266th St. Arcadia IN 46030

Just East of Casey's Gas Station

Sunday Service Begins at 10 AM and wraps up around 11:15 AM.

Dress is casual or business casual. Many people wear jeans.  

Family Pastor: Greg


Welcome your Family Pastor Greg Boyland!

Greg looks forward to helping parents and guardians establish spiritual strengths in their children. We are currently working on a plan for ages 0-Graduation that creates spiritual milestone markers. Basically, we want to partner with you to raise strong children of God who know who they are in Jesus Christ. 😀 God is at work in our faith community! If you are looking for a church with strong children and youth ministry that focuses on Jesus' call to love and serve then check us out. At ABC you will be known and loved.

We would love to hear from you some ideas 💡about what would help children and you as guardians or parents. What type of milestone markers would help you? What type of programs or teaching would help our community?



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